doing the most for the least

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Being stylish on a budget shouldn’t be stressful, it’s actually pretty easy once you get it down. Here are a few tips to have you saving your coins in no time!

browse often:

– allows you to watch items that you’re interested in and stay on top of sales and price reductions. See a pair of shoes you want but the price not in your range? Stalk the shoe until you come across a sale, promo or markdown. However, the only downside with this is that you run the risk of someone else purchasing the item. (consider size inventory and popularity when deciding whether to buy or wait.)

shop casually:

– this method is also the least stressful. Have you ever had plans thrown at you last minute (or you just decided to wait until the last minute) and find yourself scrambling through the mall stressed out because you literally can’t find one decent outfit? If you visit stores/websites casually you can buy pieces as you see them and tuck them in your closet until you need them. It should be a very rare case when you absolutely cannot create an outfit from what’s already in your closet, even as a backup.

familiarize yourself with the return policy:

-now in the previous bullet I mentioned shopping casually, however, if you find that for some reason something doesn’t work for you, return it! Make sure you’re aware of the store or website’s return policy. If you don’t think you are going to wear it by the time the return period is up, return it and get your money back (or a store credit at least) and use it to purchase something that will work for you.

utilize resale apps:

If you like to shop and not feel guilty about your purchase, make use of resale apps and sites like eBay, Poshmark, Depop, Merceri, etc. You can sell your used or new clothing simply by uploading images, a product description and setting a price. The apps allow shipping options and take a small percentage (usually 10-20%) of each sale. Also, this is a great way to find great items for less. You can find heavily discounted designer items — some like new.

-this is especially important to keep you from wasting money. Ever heard of “Buyer’s Remorse”? I will often see something in store, buy it, tuck it away until I’m ready to wear it (usually past the return window) and yuck, now I hate it. No worries, I just add it to my online closet on my resale apps and wait for it to be sold and make some, if not all, of the cost back.

shop a season ahead:

This is super important, my mom taught me this as a kid. Don’t wait until the actual season to buy clothes — supply and demand. In order to catch the biggest deals, shop at the end of the season for the upcoming year. So rack up on summer sales and clearances at the end of the summer season for next year. This is about the time retailers prepare for their fall assortments and need to get rid of their spring/summer assortments. Prices are likely to be heavily discounted at this point.

keep basics stocked:

The most important point here is having a sense of your own personal style. Trends aside, know what you’re into and what you feel comfortable in. Do you wear white tees every other day? little black dresses to anything formal? do you prefer pant suits? what’s your favorite denim cut? Once you answer these questions, you’ll know the staples of your wardrobe and be able to keep them stocked. This way you will have a back up for any occasion if you can’t find anything new or you simply decided to go last minute. This saves you money rather than rushing out to grab something that you barely like because you don’t own a dress for that wedding you forgot you have to attend in TWO DAYS. Instead of running tirelessly through department stores (because good luck ordering online in such short notice) you’ll have peace of mind knowing you already have pieces in your closet to rely on. Not only should you keep these items in your closet, ensure they’re cleaned, tailored, hemmed, etc if needed.


One of the greatest components in modern technology is Youtube! There’s a section of youtube dedicated to DIY (do it yourself) for everything including beauty, home improvement, fashion, etc. Before running out to buy a trendy piece, try looking up to see if a DIY version might exist. This will save you so much, especially since you’ll probably have the materials sitting around the house already.

Check out one of my favorite Youtubers and friend @thenotoriouskia below:

What are some of your tips for shopping on a budget?


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