styling: the neck scarf

neck scarf

When it comes to revamping an outfit, accessories are the *major* key…more specifically, the neck scarf. From a simple bandana to a designer silk scarf, they’re the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Whether you want to feel fancy or you just want to ditch neck jewelry for the day, it’s super easy to pull off. Here are 3 ways to wear your neck candy:

Double wrap it as a choker to dress up a button-up shirt –

.: ICEBERG | TheyAllHateUs: Neck Scarves to Elevate Your Outfit Game: Silk scarf:

Tie it in a loose knot –

Summer Neck Scarf – The Small Accessories with BIG Style waysify: Clothes outfit for woman * teens * dates * stylish * casual * fall * spring * winter * classic * casual * fun * cute* sparkle * summer *Candice Wicks: How to quit fast-fashion brands for an entire season! (cute and useful article): Why it's all about the choker RN:

Tie it in a triangle as a bib over a collar –

perfect modern-day '70s look with a denim mini and bandana: navy culottes, white dress shirt, vintage neck scarf, loafers, crossbody bag   sunglasses {workwear, office style}: Roll up the sleeves on your slouchy t-shirt and tie a bandana around your neck for a creative, youthful look.: Love scarves! Have tons of them:

…and if you want to get very jazzy, pair it with a choker necklace or a dainty necklace (or two)to create a waterfall effect.

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