styling: the slip dress

If you have eyes and the slightest bit of fashion sense, you’ve noticed that the 90’s are back, at least they’ve been back for a few years now. From flannel shirts down to the plastic tattoo choker, the reemergence of the decade is here to stay a while. One piece that you’re likely to see every designer take their spin on next spring is the slip dress. Kate Moss was one of the faces of the slip dress in the 90’s but Rihanna has been wearing them all around town this fall, dressing the silhouette up or down. She has been wearing a lot of (what seems to  be) bedroom wear lately so the comeback was pretty inevitable. As they are super versatile, trying to pull them off can be overwhelming. Here are a few ideas to help you pull it off below.


Look 1: Similar to Dolce & Gabbana’s 2004 runway look and Rihanna’s recent look replacing the baseball cap with a metal cuffed choker.

Slip Dress Look 1
Look 2: This look is prefect for the fall weather as it relies heavily on layering. The gray turtleneck sweater and gray body suit are interchangeable. The sweater can be worn on top of the slip dress letting the lace peek out from under. The bodysuit can be worn under the slip dress to give it that true 90’s aesthetic. Lastly, pair it with a sleeveless coat and over the knee boots.
Slip look 2
Look 3: This look is very casual for a day in the city. While the slip dress gives you a touch of sexy, the sneakers allow you to be comfortable. You can throw on the motorcycle jacket for the warmer days or the coat when the temperature starts to drop. This look is very simple which it why I went with minimal accessories.
Third Slip dress look


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